Full Upload vs PQS Update

Full Upload: 

A "Full Upload" is the initial upload of your product data in which the content data such as the supplier's images, titles, descriptions, categories, and more are uploaded to your e-commerce website. This process is typically only run once in the lifetime of a product as after the product data has been uploaded once, that product the switches to the "price/quantity/status update" process noted below. Running the "Full Upload" only once prevents overwriting any customizations you have made on your e-commerce website to that product listing such as modified product titles, descriptions, etc. If you need to overwrite your data for whatever reason, you can request we run another full upload by entering a support ticket at any time. This will be required if you make name changes in the Category Mapping tool after the first initial update. 

Notes: In the case of uploading to marketplaces that house their own content data, such as Amazon, this process is simply matching the UPC from the supplier with the Marketplace listing's existing content data. There is no actual "upload" of images, titles, etc. 

Price/Quantity/Status (PQS) Update:

Our "PQS Updates" are essentially what they sound like. We update the price, quantity, and status of the product on a daily basis based on your most recent settings and the supplier feed. After the initial full upload, your integration will be set to perform PQS updates to prevent overwriting any product data you customize on your store such as titles, categories, descriptions, etc. Your PQS updates will continue to upload new products that appear in the supplier feed if you have the "Load new products automatically" toggle set to the "on" position. The PQS on-demand update is typically used in cases where you have made a recent change to your price or filter settings and want to push the update to your store. It can also be used in certain cases where you know the quantity/cost in your supplier feed has recently changed and you would like this data to reflect in your store.

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