Test Price & Filter Rules Tool

Quick Overview Video:

The Test Price & Filter Rules Tool allows you to see how your price and filter settings will apply to your products. Use the tool to spot check a few of your products by entering the SKU # into the tool. Changes to your price & categories will be shown as well as whether or not the product will show based on your filter settings.

Frequently Asked Question's:

If I have special supplier pricing, will it show in the tool?

Yes, if we have set your integration up with a custom feed from your supplier that has discounted or special pricing it will show in the tool and note this special pricing in the tool. See below:

Can I use this tool to check how my category mapping is set?

Yes, after you have made changes in your category mapping tool and you would like to spot check a few of your products to ensure they are falling under the correct categories you can use this tool to do so. See Below.

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