Feed Activation Checklist

What are the first steps before setting my feed to active? What should I keep in mind?

These are two of the most commonly asked questions. So what needs to be done in order to feel confident in setting your feed to active? Here's a checklist:


 Ensure your Pricing is Set Correctly

  • Have you updated your Pricing tool?

    • What does this entail?
      • Forming your own pricing strategy. This is something that can only be decided on by you. This pricing strategy can be executed using your Price Markup tool found in your dashboard. Make sure you take into account any charges your supplier may ask from you when placing an order with them
    • What if I want to price certain products or categories differently? How do I take that into account?
      • If you'd like to price specific products differently, let's say on sale. You can simply copy the SKU and put it in the "Price Override" tool. This will allow you to mark that product up any way you'd like, that price will be used with no other pricing options added on so keep that in mind. The price you make it is the price it'll be.
      • If you're wanting to price specific categories differently than the other products that

  • Have you tested your settings with the price/filter test tool?

    • The Test Price & Filter Rules Tool allows you to see how your price and filter settings will apply to your products. Use the tool to spot check a few of your products by entering the SKU # into the tool. Changes to your price & categories will be shown as well as whether or not the product will show based on your filter settings.

 Ensure your Filter Rules are set

  • Are you using Inclusion or Exclusion? 

    • If you've decided to stick with an exclusion based rule set, which is the default when we set you up;  note,  the  pre-set   exclusions: 
      • We exclude products without images
      • If you're pushing your products to Amazon there's an exclusion of products with a quantity of 5 or less for precaution. 


      We recommend either making a small inclusion list or if doing exclusion to just load a few categories to start for your first upload (loading all products in first upload can take 10+ hours)


 Ensure  Category Mapping is complete 

  • This is important to get right the first time because if you just push categories as is and you'd like to change the category names later, chances are a few categories will double up and no matter what the situation is we'll have to do a full reload. A full reload will replace all manual work done to the products back to the original state. 


 Check your 1st upload success

  • After you set your feed to active, a full load will be triggered right away. This will push all product data to your sales platform with your new configured settings applied. Once this update is complete, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address that you sign in with, you can also check your feed dashboard for most recent updates. 

FYI products will load as active products, we will only load products that are in stock. If you're wanting products out of stock to show on your site but want them to show with a tag "out of stock" please ask our support team to see if your platform allows this. 

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