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Are you selling on Amazon or Walmart and using Inventory Source?
Are you looking into repricers to help you stay competitive on these Sales Marketplaces? Check out Appeagle!

Appeagle is a powerful, well known repricing software that Inventory Source can integrate with so you can have your inventory and possibly orders automated by us and your pricing strategy automated by Appeagle. This sets you up to be a ultimate power dropship retailer! 

As Appeagle allows you to win the Buy Box prices on Amazon, gives you more exposure, and gives you the opportunity to "skyrocket your sales," Inventory Source will make sure that your product quantities and prices are in sync and up to date hourly.

With using both Inventory Source and Appeagle you will have more control over your margins due to their repricing and our automation. With us updating your pricing file in your Appeagle dashboard hourly and their system pulling in and monitoring those changes you'll be able to change your pricing in bulk faster and know when quantities are getting low so you can have the competitive advantage.

If you're wanting us to integrate with your existing Appeagle account it's quite simple!
For $25 additional per month we can give you a file that you will upload the "Uploads" section of your Appeagle dashboard.

How does it work?

Inventory Source gives you a link to your price file that we set you up with. What we need from you to set this up is as followed:

  • A minimum starting price formula/ logic
    This can be simply the Wholesale/ Retail Price or it can be something below the retail price such as (Retail Price - 2%) or (Retail Price - $2)
  • A maximum price formula/ logic
    This can be simply the MSRP or it can be something such as (Retail * 1.5)

    As long as the formula/ logic is a simple formula we can input it into your pricing file.
  • A list of SKUs to the correct ASINs that you're wanting this pricing file to pertain to.
  • Your Marketplace ID that you can find in your Appeagle dashboard.

  • Your Strategy ID that you can also find in your Appeagle dashboard

Once we have this information we will set you with a price file that you're upload to your Appeagle account. We will be pushing data and updating that file hourly so any changes you make to the pricing file in the Inventory Source dashboard will be reflected in Appeagle which will help you have the most competitive advantage possible.

When we get you set up with this file you can then go into the Inventory Source Dashboard and adjust the pricing of the products accordingly. If you want to add any markups to the wholesale cost or add any landed costs you can adjust it there in the Price Markup tool and the changes you make will be updated in the file and will be reflected on your Amazon account hourly. With our automation tools and Appeagles strategic pricing tools you will be able to win the buy box faster and easier, and you'll be able to better forecast and control your margins.

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