Order Automation Guide

Our Order Automation tool allows you to streamline the ordering process from your sales channel to your suppliers to your customers. Here is a guide to help get you familiar with the tools.  

Processing Orders

New orders sync every hour from your sales channel to the Inventory Source order manager. Once they sync, you will need to process them by clicking the green "process" button. This will send the order information to your supplier for fulfillment, shipping and tracking.

If any order information is missing, you will see a red "resolve" button with a message below it indicating what information is needed. Click the "resolve" button to pull up the order-editing page to fill in the missing information. Once complete, you should then see the green "process" button next to that order and you can process the order as normal.

Order History
The order history page allows you to view the status of your orders. Most common order statuses are as follows:

  • Processed: indicates that the order has been sent to the supplier and is ready for fulfillment and tracking details
  • Failed: indicates there was an error with the order processing and will typically provide a message as to why the order has failed
  • Completed: indicates that the order has been received and shipped by the supplier and that tracking information has been pulled
  • Shipped: indicates that the supplier has sent us tracking info, but it has not yet been pushed to your store or sales channel
  • Canceled: indicates order has been canceled and communicated to the supplier

The order history page also lets you search for orders by supplier, sales channel or using advanced search criteria such as customer information, product SKUs or order IDs:

Order & Tracking Syncing
The "Sync Orders" button on the Process Orders page allows you to run an on-demand sync should you want to instantly see new orders before the next scheduled sync runs. You can check the status and history of your order and tracking syncing by clicking the "Sync Status" button underneath the "Sync Orders" button. *Note: New orders sync automatically every hour and tracking information syncs every two hours.

What if I don't want to manually process my orders?
We recommend "verifying and processing" as a default for the first few weeks while you are getting familiar with the Order Automation tools. Auto-processing is an option, but you will need to contact our support team and support@inventorysource.com if you would like to be set to auto-process. 

Will my customers receive shipping confirmation or invoices from Inventory Source or my supplier?
No. Most sales channels and marketplaces allow you to create confirmation email templates that will trigger once the supplier sends the tracking information to your store. 

Can I use my own carrier account?
Yes we can pull shipment tracking from your dropship supplier or from your own UPS, Fedex, or USPS account. Some integration & setup fees may apply. You can reach out to the support team for further assistance.

Do all suppliers support order automation?
In order to send automated orders to suppliers they must accept orders in an automated way. Meaning they must accept orders via email, FTP, API, EDI, or some other method that is not manually placing an order via a dealer portal or website. Suppliers must also provide shipment tracking in a way that is accessible. Shipment tracking is typically provided the same way orders are sent, either through email, FTP, API, EDI or other methods other than posting to a website or portal.

Here is a  list of integrated suppliers that have been pre-integrated with full automation. Those not found on this can typically be integrated within 2-3 weeks given they fit the criteria mentioned above.

What if I receive an order with products from multiple suppliers?
Orders that have products from two different suppliers will automatically be sent as separate POs to each supplier. Product shipments are then managed at the SKU level and tracking is synced as each individual product is shipped. For channels that support this, we will mark the order as partially packed/shipped for orders that have products that are fulfilled at separate times.

Can I process refunds through the dashboard?
No. Refunds will be processed through your sales channel or marketplace and any returns or exchanges will be handled directly through the supplier. 

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