Push to eBay: How it Works

The Main Goal of Using the Push To eBay Tool

The main goal of the Push To eBay tool is to save time so you can sell more. We provide the tools for you to build batches of products so that you can bulk load products to your eBay account, manage your listings in one place and eventually become a power-seller. Our software is designed to allow you to do more in less time. As you build your batches and manage your listings, you will sell more, earn more money and reduce the work burden that’s typically involved with managing numerous eBay listings.

With this powerful tool, you can sell more, alter more, and control more.

Key Advantages

There are three primary advantages to using this eBay software:

  1. Our software makes it easier to load a lot of products quickly. Manually uploading products one by one is very time-consuming. We greatly reduce the time
  2. We ensure the products are in-stock. If a product runs out of stock, our system automatically updates the quantity as zero. This way, no customers can order the item. Otherwise, you risk the product being out of stock and if a customer orders it, they won’t be happy to learn you’ve canceled their order. We prevent this for you. OR we have the functionality built out to not revise your listings if this fits your business model for selling on eBay. You have your choice to do either.  
  3. We make managing all of your products easier. It’s easier to track and manage your products when they’re organized into batches. Then, you can ensure all of your products are online.

When using our software to your advantage, your earning power grows. In addition to saving time and earning more money, you’ll have more peace of mind.

The General Process: How To Use The Push To Ebay Tool

This is the general process you will follow:

  1. Authenticate your eBay connection. This allows Inventory Source to push products to your eBay account.
  2. Set your default account settings. This includes things like product categories, shipping settings, taxes, etc.
  3. Create a batch. Use the "Search & Add Products To Batch" link at the top of the batch to add products. You can add products to batches individually and edit the products if needed, -or- you can "Add To Selection" and add products in bulk that way. 
  4. Set your default batch settings. These settings can be set when you're viewing all of your batches. These settings will trickle down to each individual batch and the new products added to those batches as well. 
  5. Set your batch settings. Although your default batch settings will be applied to every batch if you're wanting to customize a specific batch to show different pricing you can do so on a batch to batch level. These settings will trickle to any new products that are added to the batch. 
  6. Check each individual product. This is important - you want to make sure each product has a good title, description, and settings. This information comes from the supplier, and sometimes their content is not ideal. Edit the products individually to ensure that the product information looks how you want.
  7. Validate the products. This ensures the products will load to eBay successfully. It’s similar to running a test to ensure all of your settings are correct, and so that no errors will happen when you try to Push the products up to eBay. This will also show you any fees that may be included when pushing those products.
  8. Resolve any "Listing Errors". Listing errors are common.They are generated by eBay and essentially mean “Something is wrong with your listing”. We have a list of all eBay listing errors.
  9. Push the Listing to eBay. Success! This is the final step in the process. Once the product listings are pushed to eBay, our system will check on a daily basis to ensure that they are in stock.
  10. We support eBay US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Contact 'sales@inventorysource' if you would like to add on more eBay markets.

Further details can be found in our  Push to eBay Guide

Order Handling

When a customer orders a product on your eBay account, you’ll need to submit this order to your supplier to ensure it is fulfilled if you are not set up for Order Automation with us. Inventory Source now has Order Automation set up with eBay so if you're interested in getting set up with Order Automation please just reach out to our sales team at 'sales@inventorysource.com' for more information.

Each supplier ordering process is a little different. Typically, when you first create an account with the supplier, they provide a username & password to login to their website. You will need to login to their website, choose the products the customer ordered, paste the customer’s shipping information and pay for the products (at the wholesale price). Additionally, after tracking information is provided to you, you’ll want to make sure the customer receives an email with the tracking information, so they can track their order.

Remember, each suppliers ordering process works a little different. When creating your account with the supplier, it’s important to keep a record of any usernames and passwords they give you - you will probably need this information to submit customer orders to your supplier. 

If you're not sure your supplier's order process preferences please reach out to them to discuss further. As well, please reference our guide to use as a checklist for other things you should make sure you're aware of in our  reaching out to your supplier guide.

Resources & Support


For more information on our Push To Ebay software, please read our Push To Ebay Documentation. In the documentation, we provide How To’s, Frequently Asked Questions, and general advice on working with the software.

Here is our Ebay Documentation (Complete Link): http://inventorysource.helpscoutdocs.com/article/24-push-to-ebay-full-documentation


After looking at our Documentation, you are welcome to submit a message to InventorySource if you still have questions. Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in using the software and will be able to offer help with errors, problems and other hang-ups that might leave you with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Inventory Source update the quantity of the products?

Yes, we update eBay 3 times a day. So we do mark the products "Out Of Stock" when the product goes out of stock in the supplier's warehouse. We do this for a very specific reason: eBay charges you for holding a high quantity of items. If your product quantity hits a certain threshold (like 50 items), then eBay will charge you more because they realize that your account is acting more like a "Store" vs just an individual seller account.

Therefore, when our software loads the products to your eBay account, we load them with a low quantity, typically "1". Then, our system will still check the actual quantity with the supplier each day. If the item quantity hits zero in the supplier's warehouse, our system will automatically mark the item "out of stock" on your eBay account.

How do Batches Work?

Batches are groups of products that are similar in type such as 'backpacks', 'women's perfume', 'fishing reels'. If you’re selling “outdoor” products, create a batch with “Backpacks” and put only back packs in the batch. This will make it easier to track products and categorize them in a more organized fashion. As well as put them in the specific category on eBay so your customers can find it easier.

What if eBay has given me some free listings because I have a new account?

If eBay has given you free listings on your account, then you will not be charged a listing fee for those listings. When we post the listing fee, we do so because this is the default setting that eBay has provided to us. However, this listing fee does not consider the promotions/offers that eBay has given to you. So do not worry about being charged a listing fee in this case.

Can I still add my own products to eBay?

Absolutely! You can certainly offer your own products on eBay and our system will not disrupt them. Inventory Source only focusses on updating the products listed on eBay that was posted using the Push To Ebay Tool.

Does the Push To Ebay software automatically load the MPN, UPC, and Brand to eBay when I push a product?

When you push a product up to eBay, our software sends these three values. However, if these values are not available in the product data from the supplier, then the software automatically sends a "Does not Apply" value for these fields. We do this in accordance with Ebay's suggestion in their documentation. However, if you have special access to this product information from the supplier, you can manually add it to each individual product in the Push To eBay software.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information listed above please don't hesitate to ask.

Steps to submit a support ticket:

  1. Login to your InventorySource.com account.
  2. At the bottom of the left-hand panel, you'll see "Help"
  3. Under Help, click “Contact Us”.
  4. Fill in your question and submit your ticket.

Our staff will respond in 24-48 hours. Please try to be as specific as possible about your question, including the Batch you are working on, which error you’re seeing, etc.

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