Product Filter Tool (Legacy Tools)

The Product Filter Tool allows to either "Include" OR "Exclude" certain products from listing to your website or marketplace account. On the New IS 3.0 Interface?  Click Here.

Quick Overview Video:

Choosing "Exclude" Option:

This is the default setting when first logging into your Inventory Source Tools. It is the most common approach for those getting started with a brand new website that they want to load with as many products from their supplier as possible. Those that have existing websites that are seeking to add only a subset of products to their website should consider the "Include" option as it is a more curated and manageable way to load only the products that make sense for your website or marketplace account. The Exclude option does allow for powerful filtering on price, weight, quantity and more. If utilizing the "Exclude" option we highly recommend selecting to exclude products without images (if uploading to a website) and excluding products under a certain quantity threshold to avoid selling low stock or "hot" products (especially if selling on Amazon).

Excluding by Category: This is not accomplished in the Product Filter Tool, but rather the Category Mapping Tool for a quick and easy way to filter.

Choosing "Include" Option:

A popular approach for those that want to add only a subset of the products available in the supplier's feed to their store or marketplace account. This can allow for better management of the product information by uploading only a handful of products at a time. It also allows you to be very selective in only spending time managing and marketing the products that make sense for your brand/website. A common use for this approach is on Amazon and other marketplaces as well. Being careful of which products you are listing, the accuracy of the marketplace's data ( especially Amazon), and the price you are setting them on is the ideal approach for listing in marketplaces and the include only option can help greatly here.

IMPORTANT** You can only choose one of the two options... "Include" vs "Exclude", not a combination of the two. For example, if you choose to only include a set of SKUs you uploaded and have chosen the "Include Only" option, the "excluding" options for brand, weight, images, etc will be disabled.**

Exclude by Brand:

This feature allows you to view all of the brands that your supplier has in their feed. By selecting them the Brand becomes red and will have a line through it. This exclusion function allows you to exclude those brands that you may not be approved to see because even though you may be approved by the supplier it doesn't mean you're approved to sell all brands that they have within their feed. 

If you're unsure if your supplier has restricted suppliers, please contact your supplier and ask them for any brands they may have in their feed that you may need the approval to sell their products. As well, ask them what the process is to get approved for those brands.

Note: This feature only works if you're not using an include only list. 

Additional Exclusion Rules:

This tab is where you'll find other general characteristics that you may want to exclude your products by. 

The options we give you as additional exclusion rules are as followed: 

  • Exclude Products Without Images: By default, we always exclude products that don't have images. If you'd like to add all products, images or not, all you'd have to do is uncheck "Exclude Products Without Images" and press update. 
  • Exclude MAP Priced Products: By default, we don't allow you to go below MAP price. However, in the Price Markup Tool, we do allow you to make up MAP prices if you'd like.
  • Exclude Products That Have An MSRP Price Lower/ Higher Than A Certain Price: Allows you to control the price levels that are on your site a little easier. Excluding products that may be too expensive for your target market or too low price for you to be able to make a decent profit on it, we give you the tools to exclude if you deem necessary.
  • Exclude Products That Have Below A Certain Quantity Available: This is one of our most used popular exclusion rules. This allows you to exclude products below a specific quantity such as 5 perhaps. This is widely used because it allows you to take extra precaution on your products that you're selling. Becuase of the lag time in ordering, processing, monitoring, and pushing data this exclusion functionality helps many customers.  
  • Exclude Products Below/ Above A Certain Weight: This function may help if your supplier's shipping prices are based on weight and it may not be beneficial for your pricing strategy to include those products because you'll either loose competitive your advantage or have to pay out of pocket for shipping.

Frequently Asked Question's:

If I only use the include list function can I still exclude by brand and use the other exclusion options?

No. Once utilizing the include list, this function eliminates all other exclusion function possibilities. So being able to exclude by brand, exclude items that don't include images, exclude by products that are lower or higher than a certain price, all of those are overlooked and voided out when utilizing the include list.

Why do I have products that don’t have images on my site?

Many suppliers may include products within their feeds that don't include images so to ensure that the items on your site are to your standard, we supplied you with a way to exclude all of those products that do not have images. 

If you are missing products on your store because you have filtered out would like them to have images, you can always contact your supplier to see if they have an image file for those products that may help supply you with those images you need.

I got an order on my site for an item, once I went to place the order with the supplier I noticed it was out of stock. Why?

This happens if a product that you have pushed has a low quantity and someone somewhere is working with the same supplier and has the same items posted and one of their customers has bought that exact item on their site. So the way to avoid this from happening is utilizing the "Exclude Products That Have Below A Certain Quantity Available" function. Set the quantity to something that is above a single digit. This will pull the item from your website when that supplier's item hits that quantity level. 

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information listed above please don't hesitate to ask.

Steps to submit a support ticket:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. At the bottom of the left-hand panel, you'll see "Help"
  3. Under Help, click “Contact Us”.
  4. Fill in your question and submit your ticket.

Our staff will respond within 24-48 hours. Please try to be as specific as possible about your question, including the Batch you are working on, which error you’re seeing, etc.

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