Custom File: How it Works

Inventory Source has full integration with more platforms and marketplaces than any other provider in the dropship industry. Here is a list of supported platforms for our   Inventory Automation Service, here is a list for Order Automation. However we are not integrated with all of them and there are some that do not allow for full integration... but they do allow manual file imports. So this is where our "custom file" services comes in handy. You can use our automation tools (pricingproduct filtercategory) to easily and efficiently manipulate and update this custom file to then download and upload into your custom platform or marketplace.

Running your online business means being flexible and being able to integrate quickly with a variety of partners. Using Inventory Source to generate your custom files means you can specify EXACTLY what information, what format, and what products are in your files. The files are generated daily with updated product information and accessible by its own URL in your account.

Users have used our custom file service for the following reasons:

  • Using a store platform not currently integrated with our dropship automation service
  • Using a custom build store platform or platform offering no API or integration options
  • Promoting products on online marketplaces like Amazon, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, Google Product Search or other marketplaces.
  • Needing product data formats for internal accounting or data base systems
  • Using a store platform integrated with our automation service that also has custom fields or a custom database structure

Custom files are typically used for those platforms/marketplaces that do not support automatic uploads of data. For example... Wix, Weebly, etc. We can also provide custom files for eBay turbo lister, Amazon listing loader, etc.

All Custom Files Setups are $99 Setup + $50/month per 1 supplier/file. To order your custom file, log into your Inventory Source account and head to the "a dd services" page.

For those platforms that we are not currently integrated but do provide the ability to automatically upload data... Request that integration below to fully automate the inventory and orders of your custom integration. Setup fees may apply.

 --->  Request Custom Integration <--- 

Key benefits of custom formatted files:

  • Build and maintain your online stores with ease-  Inventory Source custom files allow you to add, replace, and maintain entire product lines in your online store, whether you use Yahoo! Stores, Miva Stores, or any other platform, including a custom platform.
  • Customized Price Markups-  Select your pricing options for each dropshipper and edit them whenever you want. Changes will take effect in your custom file the following day.
  • Customized Auction Management-  Managing your Ebay account, Marketplace Manager account, or any other auction format is as simple as downloading a single file.
  • Custom Product Selection-  You can choose to have an entire supplier’s product line in your file, or select the exact products you want from any number of suppliers.
  • Speed, Flexibility, and Data Integrity-  When you can easily integrate your store with your partners and marketing efforts, you can build a powerhouse online business. Inventory Source can help you be on the cutting edge in today’s online economy.

What is needed to create a Custom Feed with Inventory Source?

You can send our support team an example/sample file for the structure you need.  You can add a row or two of sample product data.  This will let us know if a field in the file, such as “Status” needs to be “1”, “0”, “Yes”, “No”, “Y”, “N”, etc.  We will build a structure for your feed and map the data from your supplier subscription to this file.  The data you have selected with your automation account controls will update in this format every day with the latest details from the supplier.  There really are no limitations to the types of files or formats we can build.  Just email us your sample file and we can let you know if we have any questions.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information listed above please don't hesitate to ask.

Steps to submit a support ticket:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. At the bottom of the left hand panel you'll see "Help"
  3. Under Help, click “Contact Us”.
  4. Fill in your question and submit your ticket.

Our staff will respond in 24-48 hours. Please try to be as specific as possible about your question, including the Batch you are working on, which error you’re seeing, etc.

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