Order Automation Shipping Mapping

When using our Order Automation service, you will want to configure "shipping mappings" to automatically send the preferred shipping method to your supplier (e.g. UPS Ground) for the Store Shipping Rate that is selected by your customer (e.g. "Free Shipping").

You will first want to consult with your supplier to understand which shipping methods they offer and then build your shipping store rates. When creating your shipping store options they can often be based on weight, order value, or other factors, but regardless they all have a name in your store... this is what we need.

Store Shipping Rates

Store Shipping Rate <> Shipping Methods

Once you have confirmed which shipping methods your supplier offers and the shipping rates you want to offer on your store you will just need to provide us the Shipping Mappings in the onboarding process.

Here are some examples...

Free Shipping = USPS SurePost

Standard Shipping = UPS Ground

Heavy Goods Shipping = UPS Ground

2 Day Priority = FedEx Express 2 Day

Email onboard@inventorysource.com with any questions

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